Who we are

Lost in connection is virtual home, a blog, an archive where we collect all about our lifes, during our journey and in day by day, right now we are afair from what we call home once.

This is a way to share amazing events in several location, to speak about actual topic we care about and connect our way of life and think through distance.

We are three women connected by the desire to write and need to share what we believe as interesting. In Rome we met and there our project was born. Today we live in three cities and three continents.

Lost in Connection is the name around which we have agree while we was exploring our competence and interest separated by thousands of kilometers, lost in chat, e-mail, social profiles, always searching ourselves as a digital presence.

Lost in Connection makes smile us, remembers us a movie and helps us to remember how it is easy to get lost, sometimes, even more in an increasingly connected world.

We have to thank to Anna Dianafor our logo: she designed and used the "dandelion man" a long time for her work. Next, she decided to go for a long journey far from home with her family, and left her creation to us. We find it perfect to talk about our "dialogue from afar".
Anna is an artist and artisan and you can find her creations on Facebook and on Instagram.

Our logo displays for us the beauty of let yourself be carried away by the windWe like wind. It's unstable, light, strong, opens up new scenarios. The wind cleans, removes, modifies, sounds, reduced to essentials, makes mysterious places.

Above all, the wind changes, can change the state of things, can make you change course and perspective.

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