My name is Manuela, I’m a curious person. Often details attract me more than the overall thing. I love traveling (and also coming back), I love talking to people, watching the people. I love cooking with music in the air and I love reading. My biggest passion is the theatre. I love theatre since I was a little girl. I believe it is the most interesting way to understand the human being. I have two little boys, Andrea and Luca. Since they were born they drive me to change continuously, to face my need to control things and they help me to keep moving forward, to not be stuck with my opinions. I thank them for this. Be a mother is a big commitment, but also a big opportunity to grow. My husband is my life partner. He is very different from me, he can contain my volcanic behaviour. We often fight, but eventually we are together supporting each other. We grow together, and he pushes me to be the best version of me every day. I was born in Locri, in Calabria, a tough but very beautifulplace. It is a land flooded by the sun and bathed by a transparent and massive sea. It kept me company, it taught me the limits and has become my point of reference in the world. I owe so much to those harsh and strong places that represent my roots and remind me of the right direction for the things of life. Rome is my other big love. The last city of the South: poignant and wonderful, decadent and regal. I lived there for twenty years and more. In Rome I met personens who became important for my life. I have learned a lot from them, they have expanded my perspectives and softened my harshness. A Roma mi sono laureata in lettere con indirizzo teatrale, seguendo la mia passione. In Rome I graduated in letters with specialization in theatre, following my passion. In Rome I worked for years in the management of large and small events related to cinema. I was lucky enough to train myself as an assistant for a great actor, and then grew up within the Fondazione Cinema per Roma, which made me a professional in managing cultural events. Besides, I have often contributed to the staging of theatrical performances and I spent a lot of time on the selection of documentaries for a very interesting festival. Since almost one year I've been living in Sydney with all my family. It was a long thoughtful and difficult decision to make. My husband has worked in Africa, in Namibia, and we have been faraway so many years. Although Africa has immediately become a second home, I needed a lot of time to be able to break away from my loved ones, my work and my habits. Work defines us socially. The more we grow, the harder it is to remove from our face that mask which tells us who we are. At least, it is difficult for me. In the long African periods, when often the only company was wonderful sunsets, I realized I wanted to tell stories. After Africa, work brought my husband to Australia ... and here I am here. In a new land, a new city. Still without masks. Ready to travel. Inside me and in the world.